Worth the high blood pressure.

I watched a lot of football this weekend. Two games, actually, which is more than I care to watch in one week, nonetheless two days.

But did you see the Packers smoke the Seahawks? Because I did. And in between sips of bloody mary and handfuls of nachos and cocktail weenies (just wanted to say "weenies," sorry) at a townie bar, I watched them plow through the snow and kick ass.

And I screamed a lot. Because that's what I do during football, scream. And, you know, butt heads and slap asses. That sort of thing.

And then - then! - I had to witness the Cowboys lose to the Giants, which was almost more exciting. An interception in the end zone during the final seconds, ohmygod.

My heart still goes pitter-patter just thinking about all of its gloriousness.

Next weekend's match-up between the Packers and the Giants (at Lambeau!) will be intense. And do you know what else is in tents? Camping.

OK. That's enough testosterone for one post.