Workout update:

OK, so I'm still alive. Relax. I had a few days off. And by "few days off," I mean I was nowhere near this town or a computer for four-and-a-half days, and it was Heaven. But alas, I am back. And I've been working out. Whoa.

So I've been using the Precor machine. Elliptical? The machine that simulates running and stair climbing, only with no impact? Yeah, that. And it's alright. It's boring as H-E-double-hockey-sticks, but it'll do until I can drag my behind outside and run. I've been doing 45 minutes on the machine, which averages to just over four miles and well over 400 burnt calories. Nice.

The shins are feeling good. I've been off of running for three weeks (which makes me want to die), but I think I'll be good to go once I'm actually good to go. We're supposed to officially start training for the marathon on June 19. The marathon, by the way, is FULL. The Chicago Marathon filled up last Friday. So somewhere, 39,999 other people are dang glad they registered already.

In other unrelated workout news, I spent three straight days in the sunshine this weekend. So clearly I'll take a side of melanoma with my burnt calories. That's good stuff. And, I'm off...

Countdown to the Chicago Marathon: 143 days