Workout update:

What? What's that? I can't hear you.

Ugh. I have water stuck inside my brain.

So I swam a mile this morning. Yeah, uh, real fun. Thirty-six laps in a pool. Back and forth. Over and over. I'm going to love this non-running idea. Love. Psh.

However, I digress. That was a darn good workout. Nearly vomit-inducing. I literally wanted to vomit when I was done. Which was either, A) exhaustion, or B) too much swallowed water. But it felt good. Except I still have water in my ears and I feel deaf. Make it stop. Now. Thanks.

And on to better news: Dr. My-friend's-husband-is-a-physical-therapist had a bit of an "e-mail consultation" with me, and he believes I have shin splints, not "bilateral stress fractures." And he used big words like "contraction" and "modalities" and "iontophoresis," so I believe him. And I don't know what half those words mean.

Big words get me every time.

Sigh. So, despite my earlier "poor me" dramatics, I'm feeling rather good. And the shins don't hate life at the moment. However, I hereby pledge to take multiple weeks off of running, but by the end of this hiatus, I'm going to be a darn good swimmer. And I'll be having an affair with my road bike, and my running shoes (sweet purple Asics) will be jealous.

This may not be the end of the world. I'll get back to you on that one.