Winter! We've all lost our minds!

Woke up to my first significant snowfall of the year this morning. Actually, I woke up to tweets about snow. "OMG IT SNOWED!"





And those were just my tweets...

But really. I woke up, looked out the window, and THIS:

So pretty! It's snow! It's like I've never seen it before in my entire life! WHERE IS THE REST OF IT, I WANT MORE? Seriously, it's amazing what one snowfall can do to a society. Sure, there were a smattering of grumbles and groans from people who hate ponies and magic and miracles (and snow, apparently), but it was as if the rest of the world let out a breath they'd been holding since Thanksgiving, just waiting for winter to come. Because for those first few days, sometimes weeks, winter is full of wonder. The snow is pretty, the kids come out to play, we can snowshoe, we can run on the snow-covered sidewalks, Christmas can happen. Lord knows there can be no Christmas in Wisconsin without snow. It just hasn't felt like the holiday season for the last couple of weeks without snow. It adds a certain ambiance that Christmas lights and Christmas trees and Christmas presents and Santa Claus and Christmas carols and Christmas cookies and everything else on the planet doesn't. IT'S SNOW.

So this morning everyone was happy. Shouts of glee. Smiles. Excitement. Christmas cheer. I even got to run on the trails in the snow this morning and, I'm telling you, it was at least 50 percent because of it.

We're all still ignoring reality. Because, in reality, this snow will be gone by Monday, there will likely be no more by Christmas, and in one month, maybe two, the last thing we're going to want is another goddamn snowfalL, OMG I'm so over winter, fuck.

Put that on repeat until May.

Enjoy today, Wisconsin. Sit inside, look at how pretty things look with a light cover of snow. And come April, when we all want to die, we'll remember fondly how we enjoyed it once. That one day. In December.