Winter is (still) coming.

Winter, Day 384

Dear Diary,


Spring has officially been here since last week, and although I'm looking outside at beautiful sunshine, I'm admiring it from afar because it's actually only 15 degrees, or something ludicrous. Twenty mile-per-hour winds, the usual. We even woke up to a fresh coat of snow this morning. 

I am going home to pack my suitcase with a swimsuit, a book, my sunglasses, a towel, probably my boyfriend, the cats, may as well bring a pillow, all my toiletries, everything I own on earth... and moving to the equator. See you later, bye.

Wouldn't that be nice, though? I don't remember what it feels like to step outside without a coat. To feel the warmth of the sun. Sunburn, even. How does that sensation make me feel? I want to open the windows in my apartment and smell the fresh air. What is it like to run outside while wearing short sleeves? 

So many questions to which we may never have answers. 

Speaking of unanswered questions -- am I the only one who continues to believe Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is safe and sound on a tiny island somewhere? I know that's unrealistic, wishful thinking, but what a mess. If I was the relative of one of those poor passengers, I'd be just delusional enough to never, ever give up hope until someone showed up at my door with a piece of plane from the bottom of the ocean. That, or until they showed up at my door with my human. At this rate, neither is happening any time soon. I may just stick to ground travel for a while.

You should also know I finally caught up on Game of Thrones. I've now read and seen the Red Wedding, and I'll never recover. I was handling myself quite well until they went and SPOILER ALERT massacred Grey Wind the direwolf. There was just so much dying and blood and back stabbing and front stabbing and slashing. Walder Frey can go burn in hell with Joffrey. And Todd from Breaking Bad, let's be real. 

I also came across a little nugget of information on the internet yesterday that blew my whole mind. Just blew it right out of the brain water. The actor who plays Walder Frey also plays Filch in Harry Potter. Catelyn Stark is played by the same actress who plays Hermione's mom. Filch SPOILER ALERT kills Hermione's mom. I just cannot be at peace with that knowledge. Never. Damn you, Filch. Damn you.

Can we also talk about last week's episode of Scandal? Because what is with every show on television straight up murderizing everything we hold near and dear? I'm gonna need a timeout from television. I'm still not recovered from losing Hank, OK? 

So I hope you're glad we're all caught up on our television drama. You're welcome.

I don't know what else I have to blather on about at the moment, so you can go back to your day. But first, I've strongly considered changing the name of my blog to adoxography because, sure, it may not always be beautiful writing over here, but the writing sure is on a subject of little or no importance. 

I am 100 percent OK with that. Just so we're clear.