Why worry about this Christmas when I can worry about next Christmas?

Dear World, of Which Today I Despise,

I have exactly one year and 20 days to find a new job. One which does not require working on Christmas. Or weekends, for that matter.

I have never - in my entire 24, almost 25, years of existence - missed Christmas. Not ever, nope, not going to do it.

Today, the 2007 weekend and holiday schedule was released for work, and guess who's scheduled to work on Christmas? I bet you were going to say me (ahem, which I am), but I will be doing one of the following: A) offering money, first-born children and the clothes off my back to switch with a co-worker, or B) finding a new job in the next one year and 20 days, because by the way, I will be a newlywed, and I'll be damned if I miss my first Christmas with my new husband.

Is that cool with everyone? OK, good. Thanks.

I Hate You