Why, I do believe I've made up my mind.

OK, New Year's Resolution Version 2.3, here we come.

Alright, so I said I wanted to run. Get in shape, yada, yada, yada. I think I've got this mess narrowed down now, after much deliberation, conversation and a nervous twitch.


I will run 500 miles in the year 2007. Makes no difference how many days it takes to get there, or how far I run each day, what matters is that on Dec. 31, 2007, I don't have 37 more miles to go. That'd make for a long day.

I will eat no chocolate in 2007. Which won't kill me because, well, I don't like chocolate too terribly much.

I will drink no soda (pop) in 2007. None. I don't drink much to begin with, so I'm sure I'll be over this deprivation soon.

I will lose - this is a biggie - eight pounds before my wedding. Eight. That is the magic number. I shall not tell you what that eight pounds will bring me to, but I will tell you that eight pounds will more than satisfy the horrifying image I have of myself. This is also more difficult than it sounds. I've sort of plateaued at my current weight, and losing eight pounds will require both watching my calories and burning my intake. I must start losing fat, people, not just gaining muscle.

Calorie counting, here I come. All in the name of a wedding. Sigh.

Also take note that I have two more days to drink all the Cherry Coke I want, polish off the Christmas cookies and eat a lot of pizza.