Why are tan lines my biggest concern right now?

The Wedding is in, exactly, six months and two days. Six months is, like, THE countdown date.

That leaves me six months to continue getting in "wedding shape," six months to address, add postage, send and get back 100 wedding invitations. Less than that amount of time to be the guest of honor at two bridal showers and one bachelorette party. Six months to decide what I'll do with my hair, how I'll apply make-up and save money to get both a pedicure and a manicure, as well as purchase bridal party gifts. Six months to craft centerpieces for our reception, tie ribbon around golf balls and order personalized golf tees. Six months to make final arrangements with the Flower Lady, the Cake Lady and hope my wedding dress needs no alterations. Six months to book a honeymoon, order passports and track down a hotel for our wedding night. And in case I didn't need anything else to do, I only have six months to book a limousine for the wedding day, consult with the DJ and learn to write my own vows.

But what is my biggest concern to date? What the hell am I going to do about tan lines this summer? I am an outside person. I get sunburns. I get tan lines in bizarre fashions. I am in need of a strapless swimsuit, which, I don't know if you ladies are aware, are A) not flattering, and B) hard to find.

Seeing as though it's only February, and exactly minus 8 degrees outside, I shall not concern myself with this dilemma just yet. But do know that it weighs on my mind.