Whoa. Whoooooa.

As per my usualness, I haven't blogged in approximately 79 days. Or about that many. On my way home from work tonight, I called my sister twice. No real reasons. Just because I had random, fleeting thoughts that I HAD TO TELL HER, omg, right now. You know, some Glee gossip. And Twitter news. Real pressing, of course.

As I hung up - the second time - I chuckled. "See you tomorrow," we said, as we hung up. I see her every day. We work together. We live in the same city. Excuse me, but how and when did that happen? And why did it suddenly strike me - 10 months later - as kind of cool? We call each other now, just because. We text. We're going to a movie Wednesday afternoon because we have the day off. Because we can.

Whoa I have a sister?! And we do things?!


As I finished driving home I decided I needed to blog about this epiphany. This Big Sister thing that happened. At work last week, when a customer was ridiculously rude and evil to me, she got all, "Oh hells no, nobody messes with my baby sister, dammit" on the world's ass. That's how she rolls. And we roll in the same city. I like that.

As I was sitting here, contemplating my blog post, I got a message from a friend on Google Talk. "Happy Blog Birthday!" she said. FOUR YEARS OLD. My blog is 4 years old today! She remembered, of course, because my blog birthday coincides with the birth of her precious 4-year-old daughter, who's made an appearance or two here across the years.

YOU GUYS IT'S MY BLOG'S BIRTHDAY AND I FORGOT! And then it hit me. My very first post ever - Nov. 30, 2005 - was about my sister.

I'll be damned. The blog world's come full circle. Happy birthday, blog. I love you big muches. And my sister, too.