Who says you can't go home?*

I am officially a resident of my hometown. Again. And this is odd because I swear when I left eight years ago I swore I would never be back. Never! I'm out of here! Wooo! Take that, town!


And here I am.

It's peculiar driving around the town that was once so familiar. Because it's different now. It's a lot like running into an ex. Someone you knew so well, once upon a time. Their hand-holding techniques. The sound of their breathing while asleep. Favorite songs.

And now it's years later. The same person stands before you, but maybe they don't hold hands the same way. Their music taste has definitely changed. Perhaps they use Breathe Right strips now and no longer snore.

That's what's happened to my town.

The streets are the same, the houses in which I grew up still stand, but new development has sprawled. Restaurants, neighborhoods, roads. New high school kids flood the local Subway that was my own hangout.

Hell, the land where my new apartment now stands used to be nothing. Fields. Cows, maybe.

It's very surreal.

But it's home again. And soon enough I'll be used to the changes. The new habits. But I still don't think I'm quite ready to admit that I live here. Again.

* Why, yes, that is a Bon Jovi song. Thanks for asking.