Who needs a quarterback when you have a leftfielder?

Oh, the Brewers. Oh, CC Sabathia. And tailgating. And margaritas. And RYAN BRAUN. Oh, No. 8.

I made a game time decision yesterday, literally, and decided leftfielder Ryan Braun would reign as my favorite Brewer. I now have a Ryan Braun t-shirt to prove it. Because obviously that is how one proves loyalty and feeds the franchise.

MOB and I did right by the Brewers yesterday, and hit the game like true fans - tailgating on no sleep and plenty of hangovers, with beers in our hands and sunburns on the way.


The alarm went off in the morning, at which time I promptly wanted to die (wasn't it already light outside when I went to bed three hours ago?), but with a beer in hand and coals in the grill by 10 a.m., we were happy campers. Or tailgaters, rather.

The two of us parked our rears behind the rear end of my Cavalier and ate brats like champs and judged the douchebags with popped collars and t-shirts that read "Lock up your daughters."

By game time I had my bag of peanuts, MOB had his $7 Miller Lite, and I experienced a Brewers game the way a Brewers game is meant to be experienced (read: not asleep, as I did that once).

I had a blast. The Brewers won, I had my Braun t-shirt, CC Sabathia kicked ass, my girl Buckeye made an appearance, and MOB and I ended the afternoon the way it began - asleep. With a little extra sunburn and baseball on the brain.

Bring it on Ryan Braun, you are my new Favre.