Where's the blizzard?

I've been waiting all day for this blizzard to come. The're talking big things - high winds, lots of snow, school cancellations.  It is 7:09 p.m. and it still hasn't started. 

I WANT A BLIZZARD. I want to be holed up in my apartment with the cats and sweatpants and my pink bathrobe. Oh wait. That's, like, every night. Huh. 

But still. Blizzards are fun. So it better come. 

I even prepared. I willed myself to go outside and run, despite the cold, despite the pending doom. I ran through the calm air and clear skies with wild anticipation. I may not be able to do this tomorrow, I said to myself. 

I ran seven miles in the dark, over the ice, around the snow banks. And it's still not snowing. 


I better wake up to the abominable snowman tomorrow.