Where's my chicken soup?

Living on my own has its perks. I can eat when/what I want. When I leave, no one asks where I'm going. When I come home, no one asks why I was out so late. I can walk around in my underwear. I don't have to make my bed, or clean my room (but you know I do.) I can talk to myself. I can talk to my cats. There's nobody paying attention.

But when I'm sick, dangit, do you know what I want? Attention.

I've caught the inevitable winter illness. Cold, flu, the Ebola Virus? Still not sure what it is. But that's not the point. The point is I don't feel good. Where is my chicken noodle soup? Where is the two-liter bottle of 7Up, a blanket, the couch and someone to put a movie in the VCR for me? (When I was a wee one I preferred The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. Today, however, I'd probably prefer episode after episode of Sex and the City on DVD. FYI.)

When I get home, no one's going to be there. Well, except for an over-flowing wastebasket in the kitchen that smells strongly of cat litter, and a mess of a bedroom that was left a disaster this morning in my rush to get to work. I don't want to clean that. I don't want to pick up after myself. I want to climb into sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. I want to get in my bed, roll up in the covers, and I want someone to rub my tummy. Or my back. Or both. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and go to work. I want Mom to write me a note and tell them I'm sick.

I want someone to come in my room, feel my forehead for a fever, and in a gentle, soothing tone ask, "How are you feeling, baby girl?" (As Mom might ask. But I'd settle solely for "how are you feeling?" if I have to.) And then when I start to feel better, I want someone to offer to buy me ice cream, or make my favorite dinner (only if I feel up to eating, of course.)

But alas, I'll go home tonight, empty the trash, tidy my room. I'll set my alarm, rub my own tummy, curl up in bed and ask myself how I'm feeling. Oh, and I'll whine. I'll always whine.

Dangit. Someone take care of me. (Sex and the City is on the DVD rack in the living room. And I prefer Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup with extra noodles. Write that down.)