When's the last time Air Force One called you?

So I met with my informal running group this morning for an early-morning, chilly five-miler. First of all, brr. Secondly, God I miss running with the group. It was nice. Runners are good people.

But that is not the point of this post. The point is, John, one of the more intense runners in the group, recently ran the Marine Corps Marathon, which, by the way, whoa. I totally want to run that someday. Also not the point.

So John, turns out, is a long-time friend of presidential press secretary Dana Perino.


That's what I said.

John and his wife camped out at Perino's place for the weekend, toured the sites, hung out. With George W. Bush's press secretary.


One afternoon this week, after he'd returned, John's sitting in a meeting when his cell phone rings. The number, he said, read "private."

Odd, he thought.

"Hello?" John answers.

"Sir," said the voice on the other end.

"Yes. Hello?"

"Sir. Can you hear me?" it continued.


"Sir. Air Force One calling. Please hold."

Air Force One calling? At this point in the story, my mind is officially blown. All over the place. I want Air Force One to call me!

Turns out, it was Dana. Giving John a call. From Air Force One, where she was headed to an event with the President of the United States of America. On Air Force One.


John was pretty floored, too. And his street cred has officially risen at least 32 points, by my mathematical calculations.

And that is my mind-blowing story of the weekend.