When the Internet comes full circle.

My job puts me in contact with many, many people. Almost every day I talk to or meet someone new. Which is awesome, because that's just that many more people I come to know who can help me find new jobs in the future. My job's a hell of a networking tool.

But my job collided with the blogging world last week. Whoa.

I've been reading The Long and Winding Road for awhile. I don't even remember, at this point, how I originally came across her blog, but I did. And I stuck around. She's a fellow runner, who now has the Ironman under her belt, and we reside in the same state. That's where our similarities ended.

Until last week when I was attempting to track down a particular contact for a particular story I was intending to work on. After some less-than-fruitful attempts, I reached the voicemail of a woman, who stated in her message, "If this is a reporter on deadline, please contact 'The Long and Winding Road' at (insert phone number here)."


Did this woman just tell me to contact "The Long and Winding Road"? Because I know "The Long and Winding Road"! I mean, not know-know, but know.

I blinked. And listened again. And sure enough, I was being directed to call the "The Long and Winding Road," at which time I promptly emailed her because I operate better with typed words.

The email went a lot like this:

Hi "The Long and Winding Road"! It's Krista. Krista of "conversation with myself." Holy cow! Small world! Fancy meeting you here in the work world. Funny like I need you to help me track down the person in charge of scraping deer carcasses off the highway, thanks in advance.

A lot like that.

And just like that, our professional worlds collided. And we're already planning to get together for training runs and bike rides and triathlon clubs in some sort of near future.

I love the Internet.