When private blogging would be ideal.

This is sort of a rant, and it's truly not directed at anyone specifically, but I can see how this would come off as a passive aggressive dig at some jerk in the world. Which it could be.

But it's not.

This sort of situation has happened over and over in recent weeks, and each time it does, it irks me even more. People are rude. And ridiculous. And so the time has come to vent.

Here is an example of absolute, out of control rudeness:

My Facebook status, say, states something like, "Krista is going to see Jason Mraz tonight!"

And someone will reply, "He fucking sucks."

Or, I might tweet (via Twitter) something like, "Can't wait to watch 'Grey's Anatomy' tonight," and someone will reply, "That show is stupid."

OK, people, REALLY? Really.

Here's the problem with you: you're an asshole. It is MY status. MY tweet. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, and your sole purpose of speaking is to make some rude comment, fuck you.

Do I come into your home and tell you that your couch is ugly? Or that I hate your favorite color? Or come to your Facebook page JUST to tell you that your music interests are bullshit?


I hung out with someone who, more than once, carried on about how stupid blogging is, and how ridiculous Facebook is, and how asinine Twitter is. Knowing full well that I partake in ALL THREE, a lot.

I should've told him how stupid it was to sleep with a hatchet next to his bed because he's afraid to live alone. BUT I DIDN'T.

I'm just saying. Don't be rude.

Perhaps next time reply with something like, "Have fun at the concert!" Or "I'll be watching 'The Office' instead!" Or "I don't understand Twitter, but it must be fun for you, huh?"

Or - and this is really hard - SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Problem solved. And I feel better.