When all I can do is blog.

I got to work this morning, logged onto my computer, as usual, and caught up with the gossip of the weekend. I was busy giggling, and within minutes I had a fresh email in my inbox from one of my best friends. Hooray! AJ! I thought.

"This is all I can muster right now," she said, and included a link to her latest blog post.

I knew it was bad.

While she and her husband were in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, their beloved Chow Chow, Chauncy, went missing. For two nights he was gone, in the cold. And their fear of the unknown came to an abrupt halt with a call from the police. Chauncy's body had been found. He was hit by a car on a local highway.

That news made my entire body stop running. I instantly hurt inside because I know how badly she's aching. And I want to hug her, and smoosh Chauncy's cuddly face between my fingers.

I think we all know and understand the pain that follows the loss of a pet. I know this is hotly debated amongst parental-types, but for many, pets are family. Children. And losing that in such a ruthless way is a blow to the soul.

So, hugs today to those who loved Chauncy most.