What she said.

So excited. One of my old, dear friends, Sara, is back in the blogging world.


And so I'm here to pimp her.

Sara and I met in college, freshman year. Actually, if we're being honest, we met on the Internet the previous summer, which is funny, given all the friends I've met on the Internet in the last year. Sara would be the original.

In 2000, America Online was "it." Like, the Facebook of its time. Who's with me here? Who had a screen name? (Kritta4607, here). A profile?

I used to scour AOL profiles for people JUST LIKE ME. Back then, it was like finding your own pen pal. I think now they call it stalking, but then it was simply a way for 17- and 18-year-olds to find new friends.

UWGBgal20, or something. That was her AOL screen name. It's how I found her. We were going to the same college. WE COULD BE FRIENDS! So, I e-mailed her. Of course.

We e-mailed for the better part of the summer, discussed who our roommates would be, which dorm we'd be living in, our classes. We had even "met" the same boy on AOL. His name was Matt, and he'd be going to our same college, too. A freshman. On the soccer team. He must be sooooo cute.

(An aside: turns out, no. Not cute at all.)

Anyhow, it was the first week of classes when Sara and I actually met. Expository writing class. Roll call. I heard our instructor call her name, and I did a double take.

Wait, what? Sara? MY Sara? No way. And it was. We were instant friends. Eight years later, we don't really miss a beat.

We got together Friday night to catch up, and boy, did we have catching up to do. She's still Sara. Still hilarious. We finally live just about in the same town, which is terribly exciting. I expect many more nights on the couch, laughing about old (ridiculous) boyfriends and foreign countries.

That girl is good shit.