What she said.

So, a friend of mine, we'll call him "Dave," is house-sitting. Said friend came across a diary on a coffee table. Hmm, he thought. A diary. Perhaps I'll take a peek.

I totally did not condone this behavior, by the way. Cough. It belongs to a 13-year-old girl. I mean, come on. Respect a woman's privacy.

OK, I'm lying. I may or may not have begged for it to be read.

And so he did. And here is what he found, which completely makes me want to be 13 again. Life was HARD, in fantastically simple ways:

"I really gotta get started on my Thesis paper, but I'm just so busy! Plus, I don't know what 2 do about Brennan, and Laura, seriously, they talk to each other more than Brennan talks to me, and then the other day, Laura's like: 'You know...Brennan lies to you a lot.' OMG! I was like What!? And how come she knows this? I'm really pissed @ both of them right now, I'll prolly get over Brennan, but at the same time, he doesn't even act like my BF, he's just like 'Uh hey, what's up?' he doesn't like hold my hand or give me hugs or anything, and it would be pretty weird if I did that to him. Also, I don't like how he swears @ people and has like temper-tantrums, he seems pretty bratty. Oh well, Laura'll prolly like make out w/ him @ the Mitzvah when I'm not there or something...again, I'm pretty pissed. I'll prolly dump him in the summer, that, or we'll get like really close or something. See, we used to be friends and flirt and stuff, and that was morefun than being lke totally coommitted and not even having a BF that ACTS like a BF. Oh well, I'll get over it, I'll keep you posted on that too. See ya!"

This made my night. Seriously. So, it's a love triangle. At a Bah Mitzvah. And he, like, won't hold her hand! Gah!

Sigh. If only life were so trivial today. I wish I could find my childhood diary. Man, that'd make a killer blog post. I guess we'll just laugh at someone else's instead.

Ah. I love being a heathen.