What I need.

I want a trainer. A running partner. Someone who is here, at all times, to push and motivate and yell. A person who will run with me after work despite the humidity because the schedule SAYS SO. I am flailing.

That is not entirely true. I am running just fine. Getting in the mileage that Hal Higdon suggests (although I am a bit behind...). But that's all I'm doing, running. I don't push myself. I run along at a comfortable pace, making it easy on myself.

It shouldn't be easy. I want it to be hard. I want to push myself. I want to improve. That is just not happening on its own. I have so many great resources, so many running friends and cohorts, but none of them are here. None of them can meet me at 5:30 a.m. to hammer out some miles before work.

How do I improve on my own? How do I get back into a routine? How do I find a local training partner? How do I get better?


I am not above admitting that this slump came about after my Tuesday weigh-in just now. I am up two pounds. Remember how I said, "Oh, ha, ha! This is just to motivate me! I don't care about numbers! Ho-hum!"


Who wants to go for a run after work?