What I did today.

So, here goes. I signed up for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training tonight. I did it before, in 2007. Remember when I ran the Nike Women's Marathon? That was hard. Lots of hills. LOTS of fundraising. It was one of those experiences that I thought, "Well, that's done. Check that off my list."

And here I am checking it off my list again. I didn't tell anyone I was doing it. In fact, up until 3 minutes before signing up, I didn't know I was doing it. It just happened. I wanted to do it. Bad. And now that it's said and done, I'm so excited. I can do this again. I know I can. I've created an amazing network of people in my life, through this blog, through Twitter, through Facebook, through work. Life, in general, has blessed me with kind, generous, fantastic people.

Experiencing Team In Training the first time gave me such a positive outlook on humankind. People's generosity restores my faith. I'm excited to be involved again. And this time even more so. Madison has a great, active Team In Training community. Fundraising events, training groups. The chance to meet new people, alone, excites me.

So here I am, you guys. Blogging before you once again, asking for your help. Every bit helps, whether it's a dollar, $50, forwarding my message to a friend or coworker, wishing me well, wishing others well.

I will do this once again. Click here to see my Team In Training web page. Look to the left of my site, and you can watch my fundraising progress.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart.