What happens when you make friends on the Internet.

Nothing beats a good group of girl friends. Especially when you can get together and pretend you've known each other for years, when in reality, you only just "met" on the Internet a few months ago. Because that's what we do around these parts. Make friends on the Internet. And then blog about it, on the Internet.

Regardless, it was a blast, as expected. We discussed our jobs and husbands and shopping and how it is absolutely necessary to remove any and all excess weight when weighing yourself in the morning. That includes the removal of glasses, hair bands and tampons.

I was also handed a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, so I can learn how to not get pregnant using natural family planning. Huh. Do you see the things I am learning?


The ladies are great. And this Thanksgiving, I was thankful to have met them and to have formed some fabulous friendships. It was also nice to discover these women from the Internet were, in fact, women, and not 48-year-old, hairy pedophiles.

And without further adieu, I present you pictures from the evening.