What happens when you have a journalism degree.

I like words. Peculiar words, made-up words, obscure words. I'm the kind of person who even uses the word obscure. I like big words that are hard to spell. Mostly because I give myself a mental high-five every time I execute the proper spelling, which is always. Because spelling and grammar are my forte.

Improper spelling gives me hives. As does ALL CAPS and too much punctuation!!!!!!!!! Gross. Make it stop.

So when Beth came to me today with a new word, I peed a little. Granted, she borrowed it from a television show, but I leave it to Beth to find all things funny in the world.


As in, "I was busy awesoming all over town."

Oh my God, best word ever. And so I will use this word, awesoming, probably a lot. And it will get old, but not too soon. I still have time to use it in every possible scenario until people are like, "Krista. It's not a word. Knock it off."

But I will add awesoming to my recent list of Best Words Ever, which includes, but is not limited to, "Interwebs," "betwixt," and "humpysex."

So, please, if you have a fabulous word to add to my dictionary, do tell. Only make sure you spell it correctly. And be sparing with your punctuation. Except Mom. Mom uses lots of exclamation points!!!!!! But she can, because I said so.