What happens when I don't blog for days.

I have entirely too much to say. Do you want to know what I found yesterday? MY BOOKS. I found my freaking books! Remember how I was all crazy and neurotic and claimed it'd be the best day of my life the day I found those damn books? I FOUND THEM.

Sure as shit, in the same place I looked a dozen times, there they were, under the bed: Atonement and Love in the Time of Cholera. I almost died, right there on the spot. I drove myself absolutely crazy looking for those books. I lost sleep, man. And yesterday, when I was lifting up the box spring to adjust the bed frame, there they were.


Meanwhile, I've had two friends hand over their copies of Atonement to ease my mind, so Barbie, Deloris, if you're out there, let me know, and I'll ship 'em back to you. Or pass 'em on.

In other news, I've got another half marathon this weekend in Green Bay. I'm pretty pumped. I'll be joining Erin and Mel (hi, Mel!) in the half, and running pal Brenda will be braving her way through her first full marathon. Cousin thrice removed Nate will be blowing everyone out of the water in the marathon, too.

I can't wait to see them all. And eat hot dogs when it's over. And drink beer. And add another medal to my collection. And the free t-shirt, duh.

Last year I ran this particular race in 1:55, so that's the time to beat, I think. It's bound to be easier than this past weekend's 13-mile romp through the forest preserve. And the weather has got to be better than it was in Oshkosh last month when I ran a PR. So things are looking up.

Now let's talk about LOST. I'm making my way through season three now. I'm only three episodes in, so I don't have much to say - except that it's bizarre. Polar bears and Others and Boone (sigh) coming back in visions... I do not understand. But I'm going to keep on trucking on because Kate looks killer in that dress and Sawyer's extra sweaty and dirty and angry, and Sun TOTALLY got knocked up by that other man who was teaching her English.

And, p.s., Jenn, I met Juliet. But I still vote Kate is better.

I'll save my favorite news for last - JASON MRAZ'S NEW CD CAME OUT TODAY. Squeal. It's magical, of course. Did you think it'd be anything less? I already found my favorite track, and I'm only three songs in.

So, that's all I've got. I plan to spend the rest of the coming weekend - the part that's not spent running - in Oshkosh with all of my favorite people in the world. (Hi! You all know who you are!) I'm so excited it hurts.

Life is good today. Perhaps I'll change my mind tomorrow, but shhhh. Don't ruin it.