What else comes with the membership?

So I'm sitting here perusing Web sites for area gyms, as I'm working on a story about the "booming" fitness industry in the area. Cough.

If by "booming" you mean a weak YMCA, some 24-hour fitness centers and lots of overweight folks with cigarettes, then yes! Yes, it is booming!

Anyway, I came across the site for Anytime Fitness, which is a lot like the Wal-Mart of 24-hour gyms. They're everywhere. But that's cool, because I totally want to join, but that is neither here nor there.

And then I saw this man on their site:


Well, I'll be! Really? How may I be of service?

He doesn't so much look like he wants to hop on a treadmill. More like he wants to hop on me. Or you. Or that other woman.

Look at his face. I mean, seriously. What is he thinking? That is an intense look he's got there. I can spew off a dozen things that are potentially on this man's mind, none of them rated G. Meow.

And so my interest is piqued in this Anytime Fitness business. Because that guy certainly appears to enjoy it.