What a girl wants.

Air-conditioning. To be adored. Lemon Ice Cooler with strawberries from Culvers. Shins with no pain. Season 6 of Dawson's Creek. A job in Madison. A nice dinner. My mom. Aug. 11, 2007. To laugh until there's tears. A new apartment. Better yet, a house. A new iPod. Now. A hug. To hear, "I love you," in person more often. A nap. A Labrador puppy. A cold glass of milk. No debt. To rid myself of insecurity. Also now, please. To live in a bubble consisting of me, The Fiance, my cats and our families. New clothes. To lay on the beach every day. Again. One day without worry. A Mazda 3. To adopt all the cats from the Humane Society. All 150 of them. A big, juicy steak. And A-1 Sauce. The ability to change the shape of my body. An endless supply of Bloody Mary ingredients. A Swiffer Wet Jet. An internet connection. While we're at it, cable. Sept. 12, and enough money to buy John Mayer's Continuum, Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds and Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Second Season on that day, when they're released. Mini corn dogs. A long weekend at home. A new bed. King size. Two pair of strappy dress shoes - one black, one brown. A chocolate milkshake whenever I want one. Free laundry service. A trip to Savannah to see BJ, Dugan and hang with the Palmetto bugs. To lose 10 pounds. To be un-plain. To feel sexy. Or beautiful. Or simply pretty. For a day. Cheese curds from a fair. An endless supply of tartar sauce. And Friday night fish fries. A long bike ride on a long highway with no traffic. A Tumbleweed beef burrito without lettuce and onions. Enchilada style, with extra sauce. And a side of sour cream.