*** Updates below, as they pop into my mind... Just found out my college journalism teacher, career mentor and controversial, hardcore Republican, Milwaukee journalism bigwig just got caught in an affair with the Milwaukee Police Chief.

Oh. My. GOD.

He's married with a family. She's married with a family. My mind is blown. SCANDALOUS.

I have this woman to thank for my entire (once) journalism career. She's the reason I won a statewide journalism award in college (well, that and my mad skillz, clearly).

I cannot even belieeeeeeve it. At all. Well, actually, yes I can. Unbelievable. Real, live, local scandal. Tsk-tsk...


*** EDIT: IT GETS BETTER. Read this.

*** EDIT: Her current Facebook status is thanking people for the barrage of friend requests and messages of support. Um, is anyone offering messages of support to her husband and daughter? Or to HIS family? Famewhore.

*** Watch the newscast.

*** Read the "glowing," 5,400-word profile she wrote about him earlier this year.

*** And yes, we're Facebook friends. Sigh. Perhaps my fledgling journalism career is a result of learning everything I know about it from her. Except I didn't, you know, do this.