Well, we're back to the private party.

So here we are again, private. There wasn't as much agony behind the decision this time. Quite frankly, no one really came back after the last time I went private. I've just kept you loyal readers around.


I'm in the running for a job right now. A job working for a state legislator. I kind of had to weigh my options. Keep my blog - which more often than not is foul-mouthed and uncensored - open for public scrutiny, or go back into hiding so I can continue my foul mouth without watching my back.

I'm struggling a little bit with this decision. This blog is my space. It's where I go to let it all (and boy, do I ever) out. My safe place. I come here, write, and feel better. It feels wrong to censor myself. To keep people out.

But with that said, my decision to go private does nothing to hinder my ability to come here and let it all out. Just means less people will have to read about it. Which, now that I think about it, is not a bad thing.

And at the end of the day, it's the best decision for my professional life right now. Being in the job market - especially when nosing around state jobs - means being wise. And careful. And professional. I can't really afford to hurt my chances.

So, guys, we'll just party in here. Wild. AND NO ONE CAN STOP US.

Here we go again.