Well, this is different.

Monday was the first day of not returning to work. No more job. No more morning tea. No more catching up on gossip with the girls. I'm pretty sure it's thrown my entire planet off course, and I'm not sure how it feels yet.

It still feels a little bit like an extended vacation. Like I'll be right back at my desk in a few days, eating Frosted Mini Spooners and complaining that the office is entirely too cold.

But I'm told my desk is empty. Even my Frosted Mini Spooners have a new home. And I know that life, as usual, is continuing without me there, while I'm two hours away, desperately seeking a new place of employment, which I can guarantee will not be the same.


God, that's depressing.

Meanwhile, life is starting fresh in my neck of the woods. I was able to have lunch with Mom yesterday, and that's something new. Homecooked meals are available at all times, and The Cats are getting their bearings out at Grandma's, until Jeremy and I scrape several hundred dollars out of the couch cushions to get our own place.

Leaving the life I knew behind still feels a bit like a fresh breakup, and every once in a while I find myself sick to my stomach, aching for the familiar.

But at the same time, Mom is making tacos for dinner and she's got last week's episode of Dirty Sexy Moneyon DVR, waiting for me to watch it. And it doesn't really get any more magical than tacos and the Darling family.