Well, it takes less gas to get there.

I drove exactly 2.4 miles to work this morning. As opposed to the 53 I was driving to work two weeks ago. Fifty-three miles one way. So, that's an improvement.

I'm on my lunch break. At my parents' house. Because sitting alone at my desk with no food for an hour would've been awkward. Sort of like the entire day has been.

Being the new kid blows. Everyone kind of looks at you funny, and pleasantries are uncomfortable.

"Welcome," they say.

"Thanks," I reply.

The end.

And I don't remember anyone's name. My desk is kind of small, and doesn't quite feel like mine. Mine is still at the other newspaper. With my friends. But I'm sure I'll settle in soon enough. About as soon as I overload my new desk with pictures and random objects that scream MINE.

I'm going to like the job, once it feels like home. Right now it still feels like, well, not home. Awkward. Unfamiliar. But I do have a fancy iBook G4 that I get to play with all day, which totally beats the PC a la 2001 I was using before.

So. That was my morning. All kinds of newness and new people. And now I'm hungry so I'm going to eat my parents' food.

We get keys to an apartment this week. There is a God. And a bedroom door.