Well, here we are.


Hello, there.

This is my blog. It's private. And you're all here. Who brought the booze? This sort of feels like a party to me. A CONSTANT PARTY UNTIL APRIL.

We can swear and say mean things and tell damning stories about ex-boyfriends - and HE'LL NEVER KNOW. (HE is not on the VIP list, thank you). Oh, this will be great fun.

Meanwhile, things have been busy around here. B-U-S-Y. Trying to operate a winning campaign with a three-person campaign staff is, uh, hard? But it's fun, and a super cool experience so far. The best part is sitting in the campaign office in sweatshirts and no make-up all day.

It also helps that the office is on the main downtown drag, two steps from the capitol building, and amongst lots and lots (and lots and lots) of shops. Hello, lover.

I've been squeezing in a run or two here and there when A) I'm not working, B) it's not dark outside,  or C) I'm not paralyzed by crippling laziness.

In other news, I spent the night at home alone with the dogs last night. Was fun, minus the part where I walked into the kitchen to discover a heaping pile of diarrhea natural disaster splayed across the hardwood floor. I do not joke. I bet the mass weighed a few pounds.

I couldn't just leave it there.

But thinking about it now, and remembering the cleanup process, I could vomit.

Moral: Dog shit is gross.