Well good morning, crazy man.

I took the dogs for a run this morning, which was a bad idea, but that's another story. As I'm coming around the area hospital, I run, almost literally, into a disheveled man, strolling down the sidewalk. I'm not sure what struck me as odd first. He was barefoot. Odd, considering the temperature was in the 30s. He looked homeless. Not odd, considering the creepy homeless camp I discovered under the overpass one day. His jacket was tattered, as were his pants. Odd, but not so much considering he looked homeless.

Most odd: under his jacket and over his pants, he was wearing a hospital gown. Even more odd: it was bloodied.

So here we have a crazy man, walking away from the hospital, barefoot and in a bloodied hospital gown.

Um, help?

I feel someone should have been concerned about this, but it sure as hell was not going to be me. Hello, s-c-a-r-y.

Although maybe it should have been me since now there's probably a creepy, homeless, barefoot, hospital-gowned man wandering around my neighborhood. And there is blood.

Instead, I was in the midst of a 6-mile run with a couple of high strung dogs, who literally jumped out of their skin with every passing car. Swear to God. It was like they'd never been outside before in their entire lives.


Pretty sure they were licking mushrooms before we went out the door.

Odd day.