Weekend Update.

Whoa, it's been a minute or two since I've been over here. Hi! Still out there? So who's seen Sex and the City? Raise your hand. Good job.

In other news, I spent Sunday in Wisconsin Dells with my family. We were also in the company of mroutsideboy (I believe we're calling him something else now, but I can't seem to let go of MOB), who braved family bonding time AND violent water slides. I'm happy to report he survived both.

I figured I owed him for all that he did for my swollen, blistered feet at the Panic at the Disco show a couple weekends ago. Carrying me on his shoulders, pampering me with a personal assistant... Oh wait, no. He did not do these things at all.

Oh well. Free trip to the Dells! Yay!

We had a fantastic time. So did mom. It was her birthday celebration. She's only 28, you know. (wink, wink).

This might make me a total mama's boy (girl? I think I meant girl), but I love trips like this with my parents. And sister! Don't forget her! We had a great time on Sunday, with the usual goofiness, inappropriate conversation, and pizza. Lots of pizza.

There is just the perfect amount of love floating around in there, too.

We really are a good family. Sometimes I think I try and allude to the fact that we're dysfunctional, but we're not. Or maybe we are, but isn't that how families work? We are who we are, and dysfunction works for us.

I could not ask for a more perfect family. There is not one thing I'd change about my rearing (I just wanted to use "rearing" in a sentence). I suppose if I could go back in time, I'd listen to mom a little more than I did, but other than that, nope. Perfection.

OK, sappy family interlude over.

In other news, I have one episode of LOST left before I watch the season four finale! OHMYGOD, canyoubelieveit? There is SO much we have to talk about, you guys! But I will save that for a separate post later tonight when I've completed my marathon

There WILL be spoilers, but I'll warn you first.

All I have to say now is: SERIOUSLY!? My mind is blown.

And now let's have a moment of silence for Erin Wasinger, who, AS WE TYPE, is laboring baby Alice! She was induced this morning at 7:30. I absolutely cannot wait to see the results of this process.

(And, seriously, go to her blog to keep up-to-date on the birthing).

I am so excited for Erin and Dave. To be as cliché as possible, I swear to God it feels like two days ago that Erin and I were eating macaroni and cheese, watching something silly on TV and sitting on the floor while she folded laundry.

Her and Dave were engaged at the time, and as a future bridesmaid, her and I would often squeal over the upcoming nuptials (which were fantastic, FYI).

And now my little Wasinger family is going to GROW. And have a BABY! Squee! I'm so proud of them. They will be the hippest parents around, guaranteed. And that kid will have supreme music taste, because I'm sure Erin'll already have her listening to Rediscover at naptime by, like, Friday.

I know that her and I are meant to be friends, too, because when I told her not to leave out ANY details in her re-telling of the birthing process (because I need good reason not to ever get pregnant), she replied with this:

"I DON'T want to read about 'miracles of life' and all that pretty butterfly kisses bull shit. I'm BIRTHING!"

I could not have said it better myself.

And, so, that's my update for today. My big move is happening this weekend, and Friday is my last day on the job! (I deserve a medal). I shall return later with all things Lost. So let's commence then.

Good day.