We need to talk about this.

It's been a couple weeks - four, perhaps - since we've discussed Grey's Anatomy. And it is time. I'm going to go ahead and need Meredith to just STFU and be with Derek. Seriously. Idiot. I like her, I do. But the whole dark and twisty Meredith is getting old. Pour your mom's ashes down the drain, get yourself some counseling and love the man. Thank you.

Because he's all talking about "I need to start dating," and that is not OK with me. I hypothesize that he will date the new Burke, Dr. Hahn. Or maybe that's kind of creepy. Whatever. Derek and Meredith need to be together, having inappropriate sex, etc. Because that is what they're good at.

George. Sigh. I feel bad for Callie, I do. But man she's a yatch. Leave little Izzie alone. How does anyone hate Izzie? Especially Cristina. Since when does Cristina care about anyone? Especially Callie. I'm so sure she feels bad for her.

Callie and George rushed into their wedding. George was all mourning the loss of his dad, and I don't think they ever really loved each other. Not totally. So if their marriage is over, it's over. I don't know that George and Izzie will make it, but George and Callie never would have, so I say let it be.

Besides, Callie needs to be doing the deed with McSteamy. Because someone needs to be doing the need with that man. Amen.

Is anyone else lost in the situation with the chief and his wife? She filed for divorce? Last season ended with the two of them all weepy and in love, mourning the loss of her unborn baby. And then she got pissed about her niece, and now she's filing for divorce? I'm confused. Which doesn't say much.

Stupid Alex. Stupid, stupid Alex, who got 80 percent more attractive this season, by the way. Maybe because I stopped hating him. But this might do it again. Why's he going to let Eva get away? Again? That was the most precious thing last night when she came back, and he is a moron. That man's just as dark and twisty as Meredith.

Why are they not together? Although that was only episode five. Give it time.