We met Jodi, you guys!

And of course by "met her," I mean author Jodi Picoult signed my copy of her new book, sort of looked up in between scribbles and maybe said, "hi!" But, regardless, we met her.

And let me tell you, she is awesome. I bet we'd totally get along in real life. I mean, why not, right? She's cool. I'm cool. She likes writing. I like writing. She writes New York Times best sellers. I write... um. This blog.

Whatever. Details.

Point is, YAY we met Jodi! (And got a new book!) (!!) (!!!)

And we - Erin and I - have been waiting MONTHS for this meeting. Because we also met each other. Yes, we've been carrying on a long, drawn out e-friendship affair for months. I mean really, it was getting exhausting. All of the e-mailing. The reading of each other's blogs. And, I hate to think it, but I suspect she was reading other blogs. I know.

So, I mean, really, I can't carry on relationships under those kinds of stressors, so we decided it's probably best to actually meet.

And let me tell you, had we actually met once in all the years we spent attending the same college, taking the same classes in the same major, living in the same neighborhood, knowing the same people and working for the same campus newspaper, I do think we'd have hit it off immediately!

But alas, it took us until now. And we got along swimmingly. We did not braid each other's hair, but we did giggle. (Hair-braiding is reserved for our next date). And we talked weddings and finances and family and heavy menstrual flows. It was only natural.

And, probably, we'll be friends forever because, why not? Besides, the Friendship Contract we signed, which would've been immediately null and void should one of us have ended up being A) awkward, B) a 49-year-old man or C) ugly, is good for at least another two, three days.

Ah, a new friendship blossoms. Hopefully it lasts longer than Professor Prick, the cactus, who, by the way, is dead because, me? I don't take very good care of members of the plant world. And they die. Because I am a bad mother.

So here's to not killing Erin.

(Photo courtesy of a one Dave Nevicosi, with a certain Erin Nevicosi's camera)