:: waving ::

I'm not knocked up. FYI. Hope you guys can sleep at night now!

In other news, I ran 18 miles today. Whoops. I woke up this morning, and was all, "I think I'll go for a long run today." The sun was shining, it was pretty... As I walked out the door, I decided I'd run 13. A few miles in I decided on 15. Thirteen miles in, I lost all rationality and came to the conclusion that, dammit, I'd run 18 miles.

And I did.

To my credit, I didn't die. The last three miles were a bit much, but it felt good to log something other than the six miles that have become my staple lately.

I brought my BlackBerry with me for several reasons. A) it has a GPS unit in case I got lost as I was weaving through the governor's ridiculously rich neighborhood. 2) just in case I dropped dead. Hopefully I'd have the willpower to call for help first. And C) I totally got to stop and G-chat with Erin periodically so she could tell me where to go on my new route.

I even sent an e-mail once as I was stopped to stretch. All, "Hi! I'm 15 miles into an 18-miler! Hi!"

Oh, technology. Makes me so happy.

So now I'm chilling in sweatpants, relishing in the forty-billion calories I burned today, wondering what I can eat to make up for it.

I run solely for the reason of eating like shit when I'm done.