Was awesome.

I may have forgotten one little detail in my recent postings. I saw Paramore in concert Monday night. I have at one point said my life would be complete once I saw Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Jason Mraz (again) in concert. Clearly I have accomplished that this year, and I can now die.






But for real, that concert was awesome. MOB and I opted to stand away from the crowd, in the grass, to avoid several things: screaming 'tweens, drunken douchebags and screaming 'tweens. Unfortunately we had a few of them on our grass patch, but it didn't matter much because I was seeing PARAMORE.


Hayley is a) adorable, b) more adorable and c) amazing live. It was almost unbelievable. They sound as good live as they do on their albums, and that is rare for rock/pop/emo, from my experience.


Don't mind me, I'm just reminiscing...

Anyway, the 'tweens screamed at all the appropriate moments, like when the band sang the only songs they knew, thanks to radio airplay. I, however, screamed the whole time, in my head, of course, because I knew all the songs and they were so good, OMG.

They closed the night with "Misery Business," of course, and everyone was happy because, "OMG! I KNOW THIS SONG!" Despite the idiots, it was fantastic. I will see them again. And again.

So, that's all. Carry on.