Was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I have a direct view out of the skylight in the attic from my bed. When I woke up this morning and didn't see a cloud in the sky, I went immediately to my bike. It was windy, but probably one of the best bike rides I've ever had. It was all sunshiney, and I had my iPod... it was SO fantastic. Somehow I ended up in the best mood in weeks.

After a 25-mile ride, I walked to the zoo, where I took pictures of a grizzly bear, as evidenced here:

... and sat on a bench to read in the sunshine, as evidenced here:

Spending the day alone with my bike, my sunshine and my grizzly bear made me realize that I'm pretty damn happy. Sure, I could use a job, like, yesterday, and it won't suck to have my own place to live one of these minutes, but I'd be lying if I said life was miserable.

I have great friends and a whole summer to look forward to - not to mention 80-degree weather on Friday.

I don't (necessarily) need a man, I don't need drama. I've got all I need right here by my own self.

OK, but maybe a regular paycheck would be nice.

Until then, the polar bear says hi, too: