Wanted: one dresser

I have a lot of clothes. Well, I HAD a lot of clothes, until I scoured through all of them during the move and rid myself of most things I hadn't worn in the past year. But somehow my pile of clothes is still rather large.

And that's exactly what it is: a pile of clothes.

I don't have a dresser. And I have a very, very small closet - my only source of storage. And since I equal a pack rat, it's pretty much full of crap already. My clothes are currently folded (sort of) in a heaping pile in the corner. On the floor. It's ridiculous.

Where does one find a dresser? A tall dresser, not wide, for I have to conserve the small space I have. I need something tall, with drawers, that is inexpensive. Really inexpensive. Like, if you just want to get rid of it, and hand it over, that's cool.

I'm easy.