Waiting for it to get boring.

Seriously. How cool is your life when you can leave your desk, walk one block away, and peruse the public market for scones in downtown's historic district? I'm sure this whole ability to walk EVERYWHERE will get real old come, oh, January, when I'd rather die than snowshoe to the local coffee shop, but right now, in this exact moment, living in Milwaukee is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

From where I'm sitting, in my very own, personally furnished cubicle, I can see Lake Michigan from one window, the Third Ward from another, and above me, through the skylights, is the sky. Through the skylight. Where I work.


Life is surreal in a big city. Oh, listen to me, sounding all podunk. But really. I wonder if passersby can tell, as I pass them on the city blocks, that I don't belong. I'm sort of a poseur, prancing down the street in my work-appropriate heels, pretending I'm a big city girl.

I'm not a big city girl at all. But, man, is it fun to pretend as I'm walking through downtown to snag a coffee, watching the important men and women juggle cell phones and briefcases.

I'll never really be one of them, but feeling like one of them is almost as fun.

There is one downfall to living in civilization, where everything you need is at your fingertips: bars. There are bars that I can walk to, and people with whom to frequent them. Great bars, good people watching, two too many Three Olives Grape Vodka and Sprites on a work night.

MOB was in town last night, and at about 11:23 p.m., as I dismantled my stool to walk home, I realized, "Oh. Tomorrow morning is going to SUCK."

And here it is, tomorrow morning, and oh, does it suck. But it gets much better when I look out the window, see tall buildings and lighthouses on the lake, and realize I LIVE HERE.

The chocolate chip scone totally helped, too.