Use your words!

The bridal shower is a mere two days away, and first of all, I'm pumped. Secondly, we're going to play some pretty sweet games. Bridesmaid Beth sent me a MadLib last night for The Fiance and I to fill out, and I assume the story will be revealed on Saturday.

We giggled quite a bit as we were coming up with nouns and adjectives and verbs and adverbs (our favorites were "humping" and "slowly"). But first we had to look up "adverb" in the dictionary because I may be a journalist, but I'm not that good. Sue me.

Anyway, I thought I'd share what we came up with, and I promise to reveal the story, once it's revealed to me. And Beth specifically informed us to have fun and "use your words!" So, we did:

Krista and The Fiance's

Bridal Shower Mad Lib Word List

Groom-to-be's name: The Fiance

Bride-to-be's name: Krista

Number: 42

Adjective: long

Location/place: Bascom Hill

Body part (plural): breasts

Adjective: furry

Adjective: sweaty

Feeling/emotion (eg. anger, joy): frustrated

Noun/thing: cat

Adjective: crooked

Color: blue

Body part: nose

Present tense verb: humping

Adverb: slowly

Feeling/emotion (eg. anger, joy): happy

Period of time (eg. night, week): week

Location/place: The Middle

Past tense verb: spanked

Adjective: smelly

Body part: butt

Nickname: Kritta

Adjective: dirty

Body part: va-jay-jay

Adjective: ugly

Noun/thing: table leg

Nickname: Herman

Number: 163

Period of time (eg. night, week): century

Adjective: old

Season (eg. autumn): fall

Time of day (eg. afternoon): morning

Body part: kneecap

Body part: eyeball

Feeling/emotion (eg. anger, joy): sad

Exclamation! (eg. Wow!): dang!

Location: Kazakhstan

Adjective: tired

Body part (plural): balls