When it rains, it pours, you guys. Like, literally. Have you seen the weather today?

But also, I Joined the ranks of the unemployed last week.


It had to happen. They saw the struggle, I felt the struggle, and it just wasn't a fit. For them or me. And being within my 90-day probation period, well, that was that. Peace out, job.


Do you know how horribly heinous that sounds? And at the same time, how horribly neat it felt for just two minutes when I said, "I can sleep in tomorrow"? Mixed emotions enveloped me. I was part terrified and part absolutely relieved.

I can say this out loud now: I fucking hated that job. HATED IT.

This is my opportunity. This is me, looking on the bright side. I can find the job I want. Live the life I desire. Granted, at the moment I am unemployed and have approximately one week to live, but think of the liberation!

Goodbye, editor! Goodbye, cubicle! Goodbye, sensationalism!

Goodbye, salary?


I'm mildly nervous, seeing as though I have bills to pay. But I have a job interview already on Tuesday. A decent job. A good-paying job. A job I'd enjoy. A job that's the right fit.

So, I guess the door is opened now. Perhaps I should step through it before it hits me in the ass.