Please enter at your own risk, and leave your shoes at the door.


Here it is. My very own domain. ALL MINE. Please excuse the scribbles and the loudness and all the, uh, stuff. I like it. And it's my site. Therefore, I win the argument. This took a hell of  a lot of work, and I'm pretty much going to take zero credit for it, aside from choosing the pretty, pretty, girl-y design. That's ALL me. As for the hard labor and grueling hours (literally) of transferring old files over to the new domain, please offer a round of applause for Twitter pals @mjburian and @raffel.

I owe them each my first-born child. I will allow them to fight over said child. Limb for limb.

I  must say I'm quite happy here. Please, take a peek around. Allow me to give you a tour. Up above (see? up there?) are all my pages. Up there you can still find my infamous "100 Things About Me" list, which is past due for an update, my introduction of my cats (because I'm a cat lady, cough), my blogroll, and my library, also due for an update. Perhaps I should start reading again. Huh. And in addition to all that glory, I've added a few things. You can now see my Twitter feed from my blog (see: Got Twitter?). You can also see my latest workout from DailyMile, and I added a new Contact page, complete with a fancy new e-mail address!


For ME.

Not so much you.



Oh, sigh. Now what? OH. The sidebar. To your left. Are you looking? OK. See those pictures that are flashing? Those are MOBILE PHOTOS. Any time I take a picture on my precious, precious BlackBerry, I can send one magical text and BOOM! It'll show up over there. I can take you guys with me EVERYWHERE. Omgponies, please wear your seat belts.

Also in the sidebar: my running mileage. No better way to feel like a total slacker on Day 2 of the New Year than to see a big, fat ZERO, but hell. Motivation. A calendar, for all your calendar needs (?). A handy little button for those technologically advanced enough to understand RSS feeds (not it). Archives. And, uh, the definition of "Kritta." Of course. Please memorize. There will be a quiz later.

So here you have it, friends. Welcome to my new home. Please leave your housewarming gifts on the table.