Um, brrr?

Woke up bright and early this morning. Well, it actually wasn't bright at all. It was pitch black. And cold as piss. I attended my first college football tailgate this morning. I am a 27-year-old college graduate who's never been to a college football game. How does that happen? Oh. Probably because MY college didn't HAVE a football team. Damn you, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Damn you.

The game started at noon, so the tailgate began at 7 a.m. And turns out it's pitch black in Michigan at 7 a.m. But it was a blast. Minus the cold. God, it's cold. Also minus the fact that while everyone else was shotgunning cans of Schlitz, AJ and I were nursing bottles of water. We're so responsible...

Through AJ and her alum husband, I've become an honorary Michigan State fan, which likely doesn't make me very popular. Especially since I live in the hometown of the Badgers - who I love, so don't worry. But Sparty holds a special place in my heart. Sweet, little Spartan.

Now it's officially time to rest. We're currently wrapped in bankets on the couch, nursing coffee and watching the State v. Northwestern game on ESPN. In less than 24 hours, the marathon will be over.


Not that I'm counting down.

It's going to be the coldest 4 hours EVER.