Twitter, New Moon and other nonsense.

Hey there, hi there. So I survived my first tweetup last weekend and it was probably the most fun I've had since...


:: tumbleweeds ::


:: blink-blink ::

Annnnd, I need to get a life.

It was FUN. I met some of the greatest people. You can pooh-pooh Twitter all you want, and call it narcissistic and lame, but... good for you? Twitter's been such an awesome social networking tool. Much like this blog was when it began four (!!!) years ago. (My blog's almost four years old, you guys. IT'S GROWING UP.)

So I love Twitter. And I will defend Twitter. And thanks to last weekend, I now follow about 47.32 more people. All of them amazing. (@bananza, @roclobster, @BtotheD, @angrae17, @Mserita, @avanhizzle, @themosey, @jeffmke, @tmgessner, @jims1973, @MRC58, @kbctourcompany, @hawtwife, @raffel, @angnik26, @sp0on - I'm looking at ALL OF YOU. Do you see me looking? This is me looking).

And in other news, I get to see New Moon tonight at 12:02 a.m. I have on a shirt that says "Team Cullen," I'm not even lying. I am a 'tween. Just go with it.

In other, other news, Harley shat on the floor this morning. Right in front of me. Like, "Hey mom! Check this out!" Bitch.

And in other shit news, there is a shit caper at work. Someone has been smearing shit on the walls in the bathroom stalls. On the walls, on the toilet paper dispenser, on the toilet. SOMEONE IS A DISGUSTING BEAST. Who does that? And a GROWN ASS WOMAN, at that. I am appalled. And I will be holding my potty needs all day, as I will NOT use a bathroom that is smeared in shit.

Take THAT, poopface.