Tomorrow morning is my first 20-mile run of the fall marathon training season. NEAT.

I ran two 20-milers in the spring in preparation for my spring marathon, and I'll probably run at least two more before Oct. 18. Oh, the joys of marathoning.

But today, in conversation - a text, rather - I actually said: "I'm kinda excited!" in regards to running 20 miles tomorrow.

Uh, excited? Really? Is that how I roll now? This is really getting out of hand.

I'm running with a friend and coworker in the morning, and she's taking me out on some trails near her home. So it's a new running partner and a new locale. We've got 3-plus hours to chat and bond and commiserate, which really is the best part of the experience. Trust me. Because running 20 miles alone b-l-o-w-s.

So, I'm excited. I suppose that's acceptable. We'll see how I feel after 20 miles. I'm not making any promises.

Happy high mileage weekend.