Training Log: week 5. Also see: Am I training for a marathon or training to become one of Harry Potter's disciples? Because I'm not sure.

Oh, me.

My training, albeit impressive, this week, was lacking, to say the least. I managed to get in some hefty mileage in only two days of actual activity. I also read a 759-page book and got attacked by a dog.

Monday: Ran 16 miles with Courtney. It was a long evening, to say the least. Between water and bathroom breaks, we were running circles around The Middle for nearly three hours. But it felt good. Three points for me.

Tuesday: Read Harry Potter.

Wednesday: Read Harry Potter.

Thursday: Read Harry Potter.

Friday: Wished I had a new job.

Saturday: Ran 15 miles ALL BY MYSELF. I was rather impressed by that. And it was great. One of those days when it felt like I could run forever. Until I got hot and hungry and attacked by a dog. But I definitely felt good about the run.

Sunday: Walked around Noah's Ark for eight hours and almost died on a water slide approximately four-and-a-half times. Enough exercise for me.

Miles ran: 31
Miles biked: 0