Training Log: week 4

OK, so this is a couple days late, but last week's training wasn't much to write home about. I got my running mileage in, mostly, but the weather put a stop to my bike rides, which is starting to piss me off.

Monday: I took the day off to recover from Sunday's 16-miler. I felt surprisingly well, given the fact that I ran 16 miles the day before. I should've taken my bike out, but alas.

Tuesday: Dreaded my run all day. In fact, I pouted on the couch until 7:30 p.m., when The Fiance kicked me out of the door (where Plural Bat hang out, apparently). I had to go for a 7-miler. And it was one of the best runs I've had in a while. I'm so glad I headed out. It was also my first run with the Forerunner, which is better than mint chocolate chip ice cream. Also, running later in the evening rocks.

Wednesday: Dragged my sorry ass through a 5.3-mile run with the local 5K winners. Literally. The top three finishers of the local 5K were my running partners, and they smoked me. And I felt like crap. And got crabby. And totally ruined the fact that Tuesday night's run was fantastic.

Thursday: I should have gone for a bike ride, but didn't.

Friday: I was supposed to run a 16-miler with Courtney, but she had to reschedule for Monday. Totally threw off my entire week.

Saturday: Nothing. Ugh.

Sunday: More nothing. I suck.

Miles ran: 12.3
Miles biked: 0