Training Log: week 3

Well, this will be a quick read. I slacked this week. Not so much because I was lazy, but because I was rehabbing my shins, which were starting to get angry. They were never much for speed workouts, and it was becoming evident with mild shin splints.

But I think the icing, resting and stretching worked as planned, and I completed yesterday's 16-miler with no pain.

Monday: This was the track workout that did me in this week. A one-mile warm-up, followed by a 1200-, 1000-, 800-, 600-, 400- and 200-meter run around the track. We got about a 2-minute rest in between each, and finished with a one-mile cool-down. Yuck. We've since decided to lay off the track workouts and replace them with less injury-inducing runs.

Tuesday: I got The Fiance out for a 20-mile bike ride. It felt good on the legs. It was far too windy for my tastes, but it made for a good workout.

Wednesday: What a joke. I intended to complete a 7-mile tempo run, made it three miles and walked home. I felt like crap. Tired. Hungry. And sore. Lookin' to be a great week! Cough.

Thursday: Nothing. Huh.

Friday: More nothing.

Saturday: Again, nothing. Except 8 hours in the sun at Wal-Mart, selling brats. Spent the evening sleeping.

Sunday: Finally. Met with our usual group of local runners for a long run in the country. Sixteen miles, in fact. The first four miles sucked, and I mostly wanted to kill everyone, if not myself, but the remaining 12 significantly improved. Running in the country is great, minus the hills and lack of shade. I got a little sunburnt and a bit chafed on this one.

Miles run: about 24
Miles biked: 20