Training Log: week 2

This week wasn't nearly as strenuous as last. Bad weather hampered a couple days, and quite frankly, so did laziness. The temperatures were ridiculously hot this week, so I'm hoping next week is cooler.

Plus, I'll have my Forerunner soon, and that is going to be FANTASTIC.

Here was my week:

Monday: Track workout, ick. A one-mile warm-up was followed by four 800-meter dashes with two-minute breaks in between. The 800 is certainly not as easy as it used to be in high school - my times are pretty reflective of that (3:57, 3:55, 4:00, 3:52). We wrapped up the workout with a one-mile cool down, and called it a night. Thank God.

Tuesday: Rest. Big storms headed through, so I couldn't get on my bike.

Wednesday: A 7-mile tempo run. One mile easy, five miles at marathon pace and another easy mile. I finished my five miles in 46 minutes - not too bad. But it was HOT outside. The sun left me a little burnt after this one.

Thursday: Got out on my bike for a 40-mile ride. It went great and felt good. Minus all the deer, etc.

Friday: Rest, again. This time I have no excuse, other than the upcoming long run on Saturday. Or, I'm lazy. Sigh.

Saturday: I ran a 12-mile run with the Team In Training group. It was nice, met some cool people. I followed up that run with a three-miler, so I could get in the recommended 15 miles for the day. Again, the temperatures were ridiculously hot. But the run felt great. No Jeff Galloway method this time.

Sunday: Rest. No excuse for this, other than laziness. Courtney and I had a brat fry this afternoon, and after spending hours in a shack in front of a grill, I was hot and exhausted. So I spent the afternoon sleeping. Nice. Next week I'm getting back on track, dangit.

Miles ran: 26
Miles biked: 40